Design Co-ordination

At McLennan we can provide a full design coordination service and many of our repeat clients appoint us to manage the entire development process, the design team from site acquisition through completion of site works through to the provision of furniture, fitments and equipment.

This provides clients with one point of contact throughout the design and construction process with responsibility to plan, execute and close out the project providing simplicity, control and peace of mind for our clients.

The close professional relationships we develop with clients allows us to develop a deep understanding of their needs and allows us, through this deep understanding, to create clear and attainable project objectives, build the project requirements, effectively manage the project team and manage the constraints of the project management triangle of cost, time and quality within the ultimate goal of achieving client satisfaction. With this project knowledge we will ensure that the project is fully coordinated by ensuring the remainder of the design disciplines work closely together to deliver a successful project. Coordination can be key to the successful delivery of any project and important to the following aspects of the project lifecycle:

  • necessary part of bringing different design disciplines together in the development of a successful building project.
  • necessary part of developing design information such that the various drawings (plans, elevations, sections, details, schedules, and specifications) are consistent with the overall design intent.
  • necessary part of developing a design (a plan, a specification, or even a detail) that is responsive to numerous applicable standards or regulations.
  • necessary part of managing the various design disciplines to produce a design and related documents and services that are consistent with established design criteria and goals.
  • necessary part of joining building materials, products, and systems for good building performance.
  • necessary to avoid clashes on site that may have negative impact in terms of cost, programme or performance.

The list above is not exhaustive but shows that coordination is a pervasive requirement within a design / construction project and as such it is imperative that this process off coordination is managed well to deliver successful projects.

We believe successful coordination results in more successful projects, avoids duplication of effort and cost, as well as contradiction and inconsistency.

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